Boogie that Be

Music has this way of instantly changing my mood any given second of my day. Music helped heal me after multiple surgeries, got me through countless rounds of treatment, and has always livened my day when the pain is unbearable. I was experiencing terrible, all over pain and exhaustion on Tuesday after a long day at work, but a Celine Dion song was featured in a commercial and what proceeded to happen was an hour-long concert for my dogs and husband, courtesy of yours truly. I have managed to find alternatives to dealing with the medical journal that is my life, as music of any sort is therapy. It renews my soul, reaching to depths that are otherwise untouchable.  I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite songs that turn my frown upside down:

  • Human – Christina Perri
    • As brave as I try to be on the daily, I still have moments of utter grief and sadness; after all, I’m only human.
  • Good to be Alive – Andy Grammer
    • This song gets me pumped as I drive to work in the morning.
  • Fix You – Cold Play
    • Cue the ugly cry. This song is always a tough one because it reminds me of my momma’s battle.
  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten
    • Because, duh.
  • Scars To Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
    • Those scars are battle wounds! Rock them with pride, because you’re still here!
  • Rise Up- Andra Day
    • “I’ll rise up // in spite of the ache // I’ll rise up // And I’ll do it a thousand times again.” FIGHT. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing – Stevie Wonder
    • Another song I listen to every morning that gets me moving in my car, because I really try not to worry about things I can’t control (my inner control freak is laughing).
  • Good Day – Nappy Roots
    • Self-explanatory.
  • All The Way Up – Fat Joe
    • Because who doesn’t like to listen to a little gangsta rap?
  • Hustlin’ – Rick Ross
    • This is actually my alarm and let me tell you, it gets me in the mood to head to work!
  • Stand By You – Rachel Platten
    • Do I really need to explain why this song is amazing?

I’m a HUGE Celine Dion fan, like my poor husband has to listen to me belt out her songs whenever I get that itch to play them SUPER loud in the house. Obviously I know every song and could listen to them a thousand times, but here are my absolute favorites:

  • It’s All Coming Back to Me Now
  • To Love You More
  • The Power of Love
  • I’m Alive
  • Taking Chances
  • Loved Me Back To Life – My husband knows every single word. Haha. Poor guy.
  • Where Does My Heart Beat Now
  • Fly – always played for my Aunt Kate.
  • River Deep, Mountain High
  • I Hate You Then I Love You (with Luciano Pavarotti)
  • A New Day Has Come
  • I Surrender

And every other song she’s ever blessed the world with.

Love you all & hope to have some medical updates soon. This month brings five specialist appointments already scheduled, I’m sure I’ll add more!

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