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Good Day

Today’s a good day. I woke up to Rick Ross singing at 5:00am and didn’t have an issue getting out of bed. Hudson on this other hand was still sleepy and even though I opened his crate, he stayed in the fetal position snoring away. I got ready for my day and even straightened my hair, which if you know me, I haven’t done much to my hair in the last two months, top knots are life! My friend, S, came over about a hour later and off to the hospital we went! Many people have always offered to go to appointments, but when the time comes, people get busy, I get it… When I asked S if she wanted to accompany me to the hospital this morning, she was more than willing and even offered to pick me up, WIN WIN!

We waited for registration, which is always a process since my Immunologist is out of town and they normally can’t find her in the system. Once registration was over, we waited for the lab tech to find the tests I needed and gather his supplies, that took another 30 minutes. S and I talked this entire time I waited, which made the wait a lot less painful and made my anxiety somewhat disappear. The lab tech called me back and within 5 minutes I was done, easy peasy! We left and S learned a fun lesson the hard way, ALWAYS BRING A SWEATER TO THE HOSPITAL! She dropped me off at home and here I am now, sitting on my couch, drinking my morning Monster and watching Jersey Shore. Trash TV at it’s finest.

Hope you all have an awesome day!


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