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Today is a bad day. Not in that, ‘goodness today sucked’ but like an actual bad day. I attempted to go to work, but around non finally taped out; I usually only miss a day of work when I have an appointment or surgery. Other than that, I’m like USPS, “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…” I came home, put on my pajamas, ate some food to take my meds and started Moana, because that’s what twenty-eight-year-old chronic/terminal patients do right?

When we drove back into the valley on Sunday, you could see the smog from the numerous fires in California, I immediately felt my lungs clench up and started to wheeze. Monday, I had a pediatric patient cough in my face before I could mask up, turns out they had pneumonia. Tuesday morning, I felt the cough work its way into my lungs, the flare up of autoimmune disease start and the fever hit me like a freight train. To top all of those off, I’m 99% sure my EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) numbers are spiking and I’m dealing with another flare up, causing extreme exhaustion.

img_2281This hacking cough mixed with my asthma broughton a gnarly case of Bronchitis, which I usually don’t get until fall. Here’s why it’s such a bad day, I had to start Prednisone again. Yep, the icky steroid that turns you into a ravenous cow and extra sassy. I’m also on Doxycycline, which opens me up to a nice case of C-Diff. I’ve managed to avoid any messy cases of C-Diff (haha- get it?) by not taking any Doxy at all, but I’m slowly running out of antibiotics to use. Dr. A made it abundantly clear that treating the infections outweighs any risk of contracting C-Diff.


Back to the prednisone… When I have to take Satan’s tic-tacs, part of me feels defeated. See, I relied on Prednisone, 10-12 times a year for a solid 6 years. My autoimmune disease would cause violent flares and Prednisone stopped the advancement of it, at least it used to. After six years, prednisone stopped working and my flares became more violent, more painful and more frequent. I would eat like it was my last day on earth and have an attitude that would make Madea run. So to warn all of my friends, proceed with caution, I will be extra feisty these next couple of weeks. I’m tired now and will attempt to take a nap. Your comments, likes, follows and prayers are all much appreciated.


Xoxo, Julie

One comment on “Breathe.

  1. I will take that Sass anyday and anyway if that means you are getting healthy.


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